NeatO Services

The Standard Clean

NeatO’s standard-high detail clean covers all the basics in your bedrooms, bathrooms, common areas, and kitchen. Floors, carpets, counters, knobs, doors, dressers, etc. This is recommended for anyone who has a light to average level of uncleanliness.

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The Deep Deep Clean

NeatO’s Deep Deep Clean is a great option for anyone who hasn’t had a professional cleaning in over 3 months or has an above average level of uncleanliness. Our cleaners will attend to details The Standard Clean doesn’t include because of dirt level and/or time requirement.

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The Move-In/Move-Out Clean

NeatO’s most comprehensive cleaning. This is a Deep Deep Clean that also reaches the interiors of cabinets, pantries, drawers, and closets. In addition to the bones of the home, we also clean the interior windows, the refrigerator, and the oven. This is for those who are moving in or out of a home.

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Extra Services

Inside Oven Clean

Sometimes your oven just needs a deep scrubbing to bring it back to life. NeatO offers this service for an additional cost. Find this on the Extras section when booking.

Inside Refrigerator Clean

Sometimes your fridge looks more like a science experiment than a fridge. If you select this additional service on the Extras section when booking, your NeatO cleaner will make it sparkle once again!

Interior Windows Clean

Need your windows to shine again? Suprisingly, windows can hold onto a lot of dust and eventually the build up dulls the clarity of your windows over time. Select Interior Window Clean on the Extras page to add this to your cleaning.

Inside Pantry Clean

Need to refresh your pantry space? Add this service upon booking if you’d like your NeatO cleaner to spruce up your pantry.