About Us

At NeatO, we get it. Cleaning your own place is a hassle. It takes hours of your waning free time and you still managed to miss that spot behind the toilet. With life is so full of musts, who’s got time for the dust?! NeatO is here to save your weekend! We take that task off of your plate and allow you to get back to the things that really matter. Your life.

​Raise your hand if you cringe at “Call us for a quote!”. Or someone coming over to give you an uncomfortable estimate. Remember that dwindling free time? At NeatO, we believe convenience is the answer to everyone’s social anxiety and busy schedule. Our online flat-rate booking system makes scheduling your cleaning a no-brainer. A few taps and your cleaners will arrive upon your chosen day and time and voila! Your home will feel like that hotel you stayed in 2 years ago on that vacation that you can’t stop thinking about. Aaahh.

​All NeatO cleaners follow our high detail standard to ensure your home is looking the best you’ve ever seen it and cleanest it’s ever felt. So remember…

Click. Tap. Clean in a Snap.

​Shouldn’t a clean home always be this easy?