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The Hourly Clean

Why is NeatO so easy?

Cleaning your place shouldn’t be complicated. Traditionally, hiring a cleaning service is a multi-step process with consultations, estimates, and a lot of unnecessary stress. All anyone really wants is to push a button and our place would be spotless. Now you can. NeatO guides you through a swift online booking experience within a couple minutes and then you’re all set.

Click the button below to book your NeatO cleaning online.

About Us

At NeatO, we understand that time is the most important thing in your life. Meetings, work, groceries, play dates…any free time you have is already limited. So why spend it getting your hands dirty? NeatO is here to take that task off of your plate and allow you to get back to the things that really matter. Your life.

​Convenience is key. Don’t worry about someone visiting for a quote. With NeatO’s clickable cleaning, all you need to do is simply select one of the easy options from our flat rate booking process, receive an email confirming the start time, and your cleaners will arrive upon your designated date and voila! Your home will feel pristine and spacious in no time. Remember that incredible haircut you got last year…yeah, it’ll feel just like that. But for your home. Now say it with me “Book Cleaning Online…” Feels good right?

 And that story you tell yourself that you should just clean your place yourself because you’re an adult and you can’t believe your friends can’t clean their own places…well, it’s time to see what your friends are talking about…

“The clean smell immediately hit me when walking in and has stayed for days! The kitchen and bathroom were standout clean! There are a couple of spots that I haven’t been able to clean well and they were spotless!”

– Susan L.

"Neato was amazing! My home looks great! Would definitely hire them again and again!"


– Eloise S.

"Neato did a FANTASTIC job! Absolutely no detail missed. They were professional, confirmed with us the day before, on time and super friendly throughout."


– Nicolle B.

"They did a fabulous and thorough job. The house is sparkling. Very professional and courteous."


– Susan T.

"I'm usually disappointed in house cleaners, but Neato did a great job. Will absolutely be using them again in the future."


– Brandie R.